Hotel Sustainability

Is more than a Trend, It’s a Responsibility

As we carry the name of the God of the Sea -Poseidon-, it is not only our duty to protect his underwater kingdom, but to also safeguard life on land. Our sustainability pledge is not only environmental but social & financial as well; Offering guests a guilt-free experience by going “green(er)” without compromising on quality of service and providing the same top-level of hospitality.

We, Green Ambassadors, Management Team and Owners at Poseidonia Beach Hotel recognize our responsibility to minimize our environmental impact, henceforth preserving experiences for future generations. Sustainability has never been a trend to please guests, it has always been an intuitive personal responsibility of ours. Being a family run hotel, having a more positive impact on the global ecosystem and managing the property with care and attention have always been the driving force in our operation.

As we slowly yet steadily transition from a Linear Business Model into a more Circular Operation, each and every department in our hotel is playing an active role to ensure a smooth and efficient shift. Guests are also involved in making a difference and being part of the positive change.

Our Green Committee has been actively working since the beginning of 2022, with a clear and organized vision: Green(er) / Blue(er) / Bright(er)

team meeting
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Water flow

Water flow controlled in Toilet Flushes with the option of half/full flush

“Think Green”

“Think Green” Card available in rooms which gives guests the option of having towels and linen changed only upon request


  • Inhouse laundry operates on automized system where cleaning products and length of washing cycle are determined automatically by system: reduction of energy and reduction of waste of cleaning product
  • All lights in guest rooms are energy efficient LED bulbs
  • Balcony Doors on sensor and allow air-condition/heating to operate only if door totally closed
  • Automatic room key cards that initiate electricity in room
  • Lights in public rest rooms and corridors are equipped with infra-red motion sensors
  • Outdoor lighting controlled by light sensors and timers
  • Bicycle Rental available
  • Regular maintenance of machinery and electrical appliances in order to maintain efficiency and longevity

Waste & Recycling

Utilizing a centralized cleaning chemical station, using biological detergents with a refill system.

Centralized Biological Ceaning Station

Recycling Compactors are available (glass / paper / plastic)

Recycling Cages

Sorting Bins are available in all our outdoor facilities for guests to use

Sorting Bins

All single use Cups have been replaced with Bio-Plastic

Single use plastic

Fruits that are close to spoiling are cut, dehydrated and used as garnish for cocktails

Dried Fruits

The hotel makes active efforts to reduce food waste


Giving a second life to Obsolete Things

Minimise the use of paper and plastic for customers and Purchase of locally sourced products whenever possible

Recycling Mats


Education & Competitions

  • Ensure all staff are trained as appropriate in energy conservation
  • Internal competitions among departments to repurpose items from their own daily use and give a second life to an obsolete object
  • Beach Cleaning activities between Members of Staff & Hotel Guests

These initiatives, which are all already being enforced at Poseidonia, are a modest step into a Green(er) / Blue(er) / Bright(er) future. We are continuously working on providing guests with a more sustainable & guilt-free experience, by thinking outside the box, exploring new territories and endeavoring into new waters.

Stay posted to follow our exciting updates!

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